Attention Builders - Florida's New Building Code Laws - Mandatory Blower Door Testing for a CO

Image Effective July 1, 2017 the Florida Building Code has a mandatory requirement for a Blower Door Test to verify that the new construction home has less than 7 Air Changes per Hour (ACH) when the home is depressurized to 50 Pascal (about the same pressure as when there is a 20 MPH wind blowing). USA HERS has all of the resources and necessary certifications to get the job done on time so your CO's are not delayed. New Construction Homes MUST have an ACH @ 50 Pascal of less then 7 (seven) in order to get a CO. Those homes that have ACH's of 3 or less MUST have mechanical ventilation installed and verified. USA HERS has done 1,000's of Blower Door Tests all over Florida and Georgia for over 17 years. We know what we're doing and know what Builders need. Take a look at our BLOWER DOOR BASICS presentation.

Our Philosophy - Do it Right the First Time and On Time

As Home Inspectors and Builders ourselves, we know "The bitterness of poor quality is remembered long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten!". There is no such thing as a cheap Blower Door Test. We all know it's about the Human Comfort Zone. What's the BIGGEST Call Back issue -- Comfort. "After All, it’s only Humans We’re Experimenting With - Right." USA HERS can help reduce your call backs and that means more money in your pocket. For homeowners a Blower Door Test and Thermal Imaging analysis can pay for itself with cost effective improvements. What's improving the affordability, comfort, health and durability of your home worth? Check out our BUILDING SCIENCE CRASH COURSE in the PDF Gallery. Call us today.